Welcome to the children's picture
story book land of Funtime Books

  • Mixed

    Nuts for
    Grown Ups

  • Why do

    Clouds Cry?

  • WOW!

    i can fly!

  • Tuggy

    the tugboat

  • THE

    Red Ghost

  • Be Happy

    who you are

Funtime Books are picture story books for young children. With wonderfully cute characters and pages full of bright colors, these stories are all about caring for one another and helping each other, while having fun and adventure. These delightful picture story books will heep a child happily entertained with wonder, imagination, and joy.  

Written & Illustrated
By Les Stirling

Funtime Books is an amazing children's picture story book
land. All books are about helping each other when help is
needed and about sharing and caring with delicate morals.